DUI/DWI in Bennettsville and Dillon

In South Carolina, DUI (Driving Under The Influence) convictions can cost you thousands in fines, your license, extreme insurance rate hikes, your job and even your freedom. Most people erroneously think there is no way to successfully battle a DUI charge. Sometimes, law enforcement can be too eager to make an arrest for DUI. In certain cases, the arresting officer(s) themselves can be a significant determining factor on the verdict of your case. An attorney can highlight significant vulnerabilities in the DUI case against you with innocent health factors such as stress, anxiety, or temporary disorientation. In some instances, signs of intoxication such as slurred speech have an innocent explanation.

Whether it’s your first DUI offense, or you are facing a felony DUI offense, call Delton Powers. He has the knowledge and experience to defend your case and protect your rights. With his combined Courtroom experience and comprehensive knowledge of the law, he will work with you to make informed legal decisions that are in your best interests. No one can guarantee outcomes, but Delton Powers can guarantee you the best advice possible.

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