Experienced Bennettsville criminal defense attorneys

We represent people charged with drug crimes, DUI charges and DWI offenses

You never need an experienced attorney more than when you’ve been charged with a crime. Criminal courts put people in jail. People who have been convicted often lose their reputations, their friends, their jobs and their property. Criminal charges can be like a high wave that knocks you down and makes it hard to get back on your feet again.

We provide our criminal defense clients with aggressive representation and strategic defense in both state and federal crimes, as well as municipal code violations and the expungement of past convictions. We also understand that many arrests are the result of misunderstandings and poor judgment, rather than criminal intent. Attorney Delton Powers has fought to obtain a second chance for individuals arrested for offenses in these areas:

  • Criminal defense
  • Traffic violations
  • Felony defense
  • Drug offenses
  • Violent crimes


If you have been arrested:

  • Don’t talk to anyone about your case. Not even your friends.
  • Don’t answer questions without first hiring an experienced criminal lawyer.
  • Don’t allow any searches of you or your property without your lawyer present.

The South Carolina criminal defense and personal injury attorneys at Powers Law Firm are here for you anytime. Call us at 843-479-6863 or send us an email. We accept payment by credit card.