Mediation Services in Family and Civil Court

In South Carolina, the Courts have begun to see the benefits of alternative forms of resolution with the caseload and backlogs that occur in a growing population. The Courts are requiring that certain Civil matters be mediated or arbitrated before a qualified attorney who is trained and certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court to serve in that capacity and make our justice system more efficient and productive. Delton Powers continues to serve as a Certified Mediator and Arbitrator in the South Carolina Courts and has handled a variety of cases to a successful settlement and avoided the uncertainty and prolonged wait of a trial .His services are available in private matters as well, and is a cost-effective manner of handling disputes between parties, and of great benefit to attorneys.

Mr. Powers is also certified by the South Carolina Bar as a Mediator in Family Court matters, and his vast experience in Family Court helps to achieve settlement when people are going through their hardest emotional and financial times of their lives Serving in such a capacity has allowed Delton to hone his skills in handling other matters successfully as well.